We’re looking for the next generation of talent to help us transform projects.

As the demand for energy increases so does our need for motivated talent to meet the engineering and technical challenges of today’s upstream oil and gas business. ProLens Projects L.L.C., including the oil and gas technology segment, has numerous career opportunities that will let you prove your abilities from your first day and throughout your career, and beyond into the wider world of ProLens Projects L.L.C.

ProLens Projects L.L.C. is going to become the world’s leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide. ProLens Projects L.L.C. provides a complete range of flow control equipment and services for onshore drilling rig systems, and production systems for conventional and unconventional applications; separation, processing, and treatment systems. The OneSubsea technology segment extends this capability to subsea production, measurement, and processing systems.

A safe work environment. Comprehensive training programs. A reputation for technical expertise and experience. Outstanding benefits. Opportunities for advancement. It’s how our employees achieve more.

We’ll be honest — we get a LOT of applications. We don’t hide what a great place this is to work. Our people are our best asset, and we only accept the best.